Should I Call Him? Should I Text Him?

Should I Call Him? Will He Call Me?

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Dear Girlfriend,

I know you want your guy to call you desperately. Understand that it is very natural for us women to want to hold the men we date firmly in our grasp in order not to risk losing him.

When you're deeply in love with a guy, you just want to be with him or simply want to hear his voice. Should I call him? When it comes to calling the men we love, there are just so many different advices - some of which are contradictory - that we are often left clueless as to which ones we should follow.

If you are like me, you have probably heard of the many different advices. So which ones should you follow? You need to be able to play your cards well when dating a guy. Should you call him or wait for him to text?

Men are naturally more at ease with pursuing. When a man starts to notice that you are getting clingy, he might just decide to bolt.

There are certain factors you need to keep in mind when you are thinking of calling a man, particularly when you are serious about your relationship. Even if the man may be interested in you, you may send commitment signals too soon which might make him uncomfortable.

The trick is to make the man desire you. You will just dampen this desire if you start pursuing him, and this is what calling him often will result in. When the man notices this, he will be more than likely to back off.

This does not mean that you should be overwhelmed by your emotions and do nothing. You just need to understand how men react to be able to do what is right.

When you are always the one to call him, he will not reciprocate by calling you since you are already doing it. This is because he expects it from you. But when you start cut down on your phone calls, he will start to wonder and will be calling you back instead to find out what is going on, because if he cares, he would not want to lose you.

Should you call him? Before you start dialing, you should have a good understanding of men, as you might just turn him off if you do it wrongly.

~ Daniela, Sonoma CA.


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